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Mopar Tubular Upper Control Arms for Dodge and Plymouth cars

Increase the high speed stability in your Dodge or Plymouth Mopar Muscle Car

A direct replacement Mopar Tubular Upper Control Arm for B, E, and late model A-Body Mopars (or early A-Body Mopar with late model spindle, available here)

Mopar Tubular Control Arms


Mopar Tubular Control Arms Magnumforce Adjustable Tubular Control Arms Mopars

Double adjustable Mopar tubular upper control arms

Mopar Double Adjustable Tubular Upper Control Arms


Key Benefits

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Almost any Mopar owner that has lowered their car even slightly by turning the torsion bars down a few turns has come across the problem of not having enough suspension adjustability after doing so.  In trying to get the camber back to specs all of the available caster is lost, resulting in less stability at high speeds.  MAGNUM FORCE Mopar Tubular upper control arms reduce this by relocating the ball joint further out and toward the rear to begin with which regains that adjustability and more.  They also use original style ball joints and delrin/aluminum bushings or 4130 PTFE Lined Spherical Rod Ends in conjunction with the original upper cam adjusters for ease of replacement and adjustment.  Most cars will end up with 3-5 degrees of total positive caster, relative to ride height and the condition of the existing mounts.

A-Body Mopar control arms cover all A-body Mopars like Dart, Demon, Barracuda, and Duster that have converted to the late '73 thru '76 spindles, can use the A-Body arms as well.  Earlier spindles will need to have the hole enlarged to accommodate the larger ball joint provided OR order new late model Mopar Dropped Spindles at this link.  There is also a very small piece of metal that will need to be notched or relocated on the stock mount which is very easily accomplished.

B&E-Body Mopar control arms cover all B and E--Body Dodge, Chrysler, or Plymouth Mopar cars.  From 1962 thru 1972 the Charger, Roadrunner, GTX, Satellite, Superbee, Coronet, Belvedere, Fury, Sport Fury and from 70-74 Challenger and Cuda.

Mopar suspension tubular control arms Hemi

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B and E Body Adjustable

A-Body Adjustable

Mopar control arms Hemi

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B and E Body Bushed

A-Body Bushed

Mopar hemi control arms Charger

Click here to order bushed A-body bent style arms for coilovers


A-Body Bent style Bushed

Click here to order double adjustable Mopar control arms

B and E Body Double Adjustable A Body Double Adjustable

Custom Powder Coat or Hydrodip your Tubular Control Arms.  Multiple colors to choose from!




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